Juergen Zierler
Project Architect



Juergen Zierler

Juergen Zierler has over 28 years of architectural design experience and the technical skills to match. As an architect, Mr. Zierler is dedicated to both a sustainable approach and a forward looking sensibility when addressing client needs and design criteria. He excels in bringing innovative design solutions to challenging sites and architectural circumstances. His ingenuity combined with technical understanding have resulted in the successful use of groundbreaking concepts, systems, and technology with both conventional and unconventional materials. Notably, Mr. Zierler was responsible for the design and permitting of the first two straw bale structures in the city of San Diego. 

His portfolio of work on custom residential projects, multi-family housing, institutional, and commercial projects demonstrates his ability to find a creative solution in any realm that will satisfy client needs and desires.

Mr. Zierler obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He studied at the Washington/Alexandria Center for Architecture and participated in Denmark’s International Study Program where he received the DIS Design Award. His work has been featured in San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune, ZooNooz, and the publication Sustainable Architecture, Low Tech Houses. Not only is he a licensed architect in the state of California, he also makes a killer flan, as evidenced by his win of the ACI Flan-Off of 2018.

Let’s create amazing places together.