Seahorse Beach Club

Freeport, TX | Completed: On the the Boards
Client: Seahorse Beach Club & Residences

Salt, sea, and Southern hospitality. ACI’s design for this 10,000 square foot clubhouse was inspired by a view of the natural environment and the social uniqueness of the location. We first gravitated to the casual beach atmosphere, but felt that guests would be accustomed to the finer aspects of life and so the “Yacht Club” theme emerged. Boating and fishing are the most popular activities in the region so it was natural to develop an upscale nautical lifestyle feel with the interiors. Materials such as teak wood flooring, paneled walls, and slatted wood ceilings accented with large area rugs to add comfort.

The exterior of the building is much like a big boat house with old Galveston-inspired window trimming and outrigger struts, three types of siding, large porches with tin roofs, and portal windows. The classical tower brings light down through the building and gives the massive roof a “widows walk,” typical of a seaside residence.