Getting a handle on the big picture of a project and ensuring its feasibility from the very beginning is the key to success in the long term. ACI has the master planning expertise to help you determine how your site can best be used to serve your clientele. Examining your brand identity allows us to develop a concept that is congruent with your business. Site analysis, feasibility studies, and project budgeting each dial into the specifics of how that concept can play out. With entitlement research, governmental processing, and workshop facilitation, we help you move your project through the machine with far fewer headaches.
Master Planning & Entitlements

Brand Identity & Concept Development

ACI ensures that design concepts are congruent with your brand identity & can work with you to develop more cohesive brand standards if necessary.

Master Planning & Entitlements

Site Analysis

We analyze light, wind, views, slopes, and special features of each unique site to create designs that take full advantage of what it has to offer.


Feasibility Studies

From code research to “Highest and Best Use” studies, ACI will review all of your projects for feasibility to deliver the highest possible value.

Interior Design

Project Budgeting

Whatever budget and goals you have for your project, we will work with you every step of the way to meet—and oftentimes exceed—your expectations.


Entitlement Research & Governmental Processing

Regulatory requirements such as permitting and mitigation compliance are coordinated for you by our sister company’s dedicated in-house legal team.

Master Planning & Entitlements

Workshop Facilitation

We act as a facilitator to help run things smoothly when you need to efficiently gather ideas and effectively drive a consensus for your workshop.


Master Planning

ACI’s principal architects create an expertly-informed framework that will ensure the success of your project through each phase of implementation.

Conditional Use Permits for Cannabis

From code & zoning reviews to jurisdictional applications & state compliance forms, ACI will help you navigate the Conditional Use Permit process.


“I’ve hired several architects for cannabis land use projects. ACI was the most impressive group of architects with which I had the pleasure to work. Cannabis licensing is more demanding and nuanced than normal discretionary permits as they are highly competitive; Margit and her team prioritized edits and were critical in the approval of our client’s Marijuana Production Facility license in the City of San Diego. What an added bonus that my favorite architectural firm is also woman-owned! I recommend ACI for any project, especially if the project is in the cannabis space.”

Sapphire Blackwood, J.D. | Principal, Blackwood Consulting Professionals


Let’s create amazing places together.