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Laurel Yianilos

Laurel Yianilos graduated from the University of California San Diego, with a degree in Communications and Political Science. She is multi-lingual, speaking English, Spanish, Greek, Italian and French. Her language and communication skills have taken her around the world, working in media for varied companies and individuals, from Stan Lee - The Godfather of Comics to a cruise company in Tahiti. She has a global worldview having lived all over, including Los Angeles, Tahiti, London and Athens, Greece.

Laurel’s passions range in multitudes, but what really draws her creativity is women lead companies with a passion and a drive to make the world more inclusive and communal. She works to create space for people to connect and thrive together -- in the community for the community. Her understanding of messaging and communication is geared toward bringing people together in the same way architecture and interior design do to make lasting memories and place for peace and life to flourish.

Let’s create amazing places together.