Sergio Larios
Senior Interior Designer


Sergio Larios

For more than 23 years, Sergio Larios has applied his proficiency in design and project management to an impressive number of architectural and interior design projects. Mr. Larios’s range of experience in commercial and hospitality design spans numerous hotels, restaurants, and resorts both near and far. He has worked to design and manage projects across the United States and internationally, including Indonesia and China. His mark has also been made in the high-end residential realms of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and most recently his attention to detail and organization has led to successful local hospital design.

Mr. Larios first graduated from CETYS University (Center of Technological Studies and Superiors) in Mexico, but his passion for creativity led him into design. He holds a degree of Architecture/Interior Design from Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexicali Campus. Mr. Larios is an energetic team leader whose drive motivates others, and he can wear a pair of pink tennis shoes in a way that makes you wish you had your own.

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