Marriott Residence Inn

Alameda, CA | On the Boards
Client: Marriott

The Island City, Alameda, is surrounded by the water of the San Francisco Bay. Where the sea meets the land, the water’s edge is always in motion; lapping gently onto the shore, then returning to whence it came, back and forth in a constant rhythm. The two elements of sand and salty water move and mix. Waves see their end, swirling into seafoam and breaking into bubbles, leaving the sand to glisten. Standing at the edge, one is aware of the open airy expanse over the vastness of the sea.

“The Water’s Edge” concept for the interior design of Alameda Residence Inn, seeks to replicate the experience of that ethereal feeling of standing at the edge of the sea. Maximizing on the view from the voluminous lobby and full-height windows overlooking the boardwalk, the design sets a contemporary tone. The furniture will invite guests to relax, unwind, and socialize. The color palette draws from the same serene beachy colors of swishing whites, light sandy woods, and soft blues accented with deeper tones. The movement of an organic integrated art piece along the length of the lobby walls will carry guests through the space. Rhythm is infused in the design by the application of colors, textured materials, and lighting.

Architecture by The HR Group Architects