Social Tap American Eatery Ventura

Ventura, CA | Completed: February 2013
Client: Social Tap American Eatery

ACI completed the renovation of a 6,000 square foot building on behalf of San Diego-based Rivera Family Restaurants. The development team of Rivera and ACI transformed a building which sat vacant for many years into Social Tap American Eatery. 

The building shell was left with concrete floors and exposed wood trusses. Natural light and air flow were created by adding five roll-up garage doors, allowing the energy of the beach to flow through. The colors are earthy and natural as well. A custom 24-foot-long light fixture hangs over the bar, made of four six-foot wood rings connected by ten six-inch core I-beams that house the lights. 

Other design features include the acid-washed steel plate restroom partitions, pebble rock walls and columns, and door handles made from pipe fittings.